[h1]Who am I?[/h1]

[dropcap_1]M[/dropcap_1]y name is Jenny Drinkard and I am a graduate from the Georgia Institute of Technology (GO JACKETS!!) with a B.S. in Industrial Design and a minor in International Affairs. I currently work as an interaction designer at Huge. I was born and raised in Atlanta, GA but spent much of college abroad, including a year in Germany and semesters in Argentina, South Korea, and New Zealand. Besides design, my other interests include, Zumba aerobics (which I teach on a regular basis), running (completed 2 half-marathons), volleyball, Mini Coopers, kitty cats, massage, Georgia Tech sports, the happiness of my friends and family, singing, guitar, music production, traveling, my faith, and of course, my corgi, Lucy.


[h1]What do I offer?[/h1]


[tab title="Software"]Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, & InDesign), SolidWorks. **Currently teaching myself Autodesk**[/tab]

[tab title="Design"]Research, Sketching, Model Making [/tab]

[tab title="Other"]Event Programming, Conflict Mediation, Administrative Organization, Bartending, Zumba Instruction [/tab]

[tab title="Language"]Intermediate German [/tab]



[blockquote_with_author author="Wendell Wilson, IDSA"]To whom it may concern, I am writing in behalf of Jennifer Drinkard, who I enjoyed instructing in a Junior Studio course (ID3011) during the 09/10 academic year at Georgia Tech. ID3011 was structured so that students completed a series of projects ranging from the design of a mechanical device that performed a specific kinematic function to a family of branded appliance products. Projects were alternately assigned on an individual & team basis. As a part of these projects, each student performed background research, concept ideation, visualization & iterative modeling, as well as written & dimensional documentation detailing their problem solving process. I have observed Jennifer to be a thorough researcher, a dedicated problem solver and insightful in her decision-making. Jennifer is a competent model maker, illustrator and digital modeler – essential design visualization skills. Jennifer is a self-motivated and goal-oriented student who manages her time well. She is a quick learner, responding well to instructor criticism and input. I believe her perseverance in problem solving is what sets her apart from other students; she is outstanding in the application of research findings to her design solutions. In addition to her studies at Ga Tech, Jennifer participated in several “study abroad” programs, including a semester in New Zealand. Most recently she was selected as a finalist for a Fulbright Scholarship. In addition to teaching on a part-time basis at GA Tech, I have been a professional industrial design consultant for the past 28 years, operating my own firm since 1991. As a design professional, business owner and educator, I can recommend Jennifer without reservation for most any design related endeavor. Do not hesitate to call if I can lend additional support to Jennifer’s cause. [/blockquote_with_author]